Why Your Home Refrigerators Need Regular Maintenance

Refrigerator Maintenance

At a first glance, one would think that refrigerators do a very simple job. They cool the food we put in the appliance. Who will ever stop to think how the fridge manages to keep everything cool! We just adjust the temperatures, especially if the fridge is stuffed and have peace of mind that everything will be fresh for consumption. But things are more complicated than that and that’s why fridge service is a must.

How refrigerators work?

There are many fridge types – top and bottom mount, French door, side-by-side refrigerators etc. But more or less they all have five main components.

1. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas resulting to a high pressure and temperature.

2. Then the gas goes in the heat exchanging pipes, where it cools down.

3. Then the cool gas goes in the condenser, which turns the gas refrigerant into a liquid by reducing more the temperatures.

4. The refrigerant travels in the expansion valve, where its pressure is decreased and thus it evaporates.

5. The evaporator absorbs the heat inside the appliance with the help of the evaporating liquid refrigerant and thus keeps food cool.

6. Since hot and cool air meet, one gets cooler and the other warmer. Thus, the refrigerant heats up again and turns into gas once more. And the cycle is repeated.

Which problems can fridges cause?

If any of these parts is damaged, fridge repair is needed because the appliance won’t work right. Pipes can get clogged. Coils get filthy. Thermostats break. All parts will wear mainly because they work nonstop and there is a natural wear and tear. The results are not good. Fridges may leak and food won’t be preserved or might freeze. In turn, the floor might get damaged from water. Energy will be lost if the door gasket is torn. Bacteria will grow. And all such problems are not good for your health and pocket.

Which are the main fridge maintenance tasks?

With some simple cleaning and maintenance tasks, you can reduce problems and let the appliance last longer. What you need to do is:

· Clean the drain hole, drip pan, and condenser coils regularly.

· Check the condition of the door gasket and call a fridge technician to replace it if it’s worn.

· Replace the water filters. This is important because water filtered by a dirty filter will be filthier than before.

· Level the fridge to avoid leakage.

· Check the temperatures and set them right. If the fridge is average filled, the temperatures should be around 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

2 extra tips

· If you notice any problem – a loud noise, quick cycling, erratic temperatures etc. call a refrigerator technician to repair it.

· Don’t keep the fridge empty. These appliances need plenty of stuff in order to maintain the right (cool) temperatures. Cool stuff in the fridge helps absorb more heat in the appliance. So even if you eat out a lot or live alone, place some stuff in the fridge.

With the right and regular care, your fridge won’t waste energy and hence money, will last longer and this will also help you save money, and won’t give you trouble and thus you won’t need fridge repairs often.