Why Is My Freezer Not Getting Cold?


Virtually everyone uses freezers. We rely on them to keep our favorite foods and even drinks frozen and well-preserved. We also rely on freezers to make ice. It is understandable to get frustrated when freezers act up. Many people ask, “Why is my freezer not getting cold?”

There are many possible reasons why your freezer is not getting cold. Let’s go over them step by step. This will help you figure out what the problem is, and what you can do to fix it. Or you can call a pro for freezer repair.

Step 1: Check The Power Source

When any appliance stops working properly, always check the power source first. ItAppliance Repair may be that the outlet your freezer is plugged into has faulty wiring. It could also be that the fuse or breakers need to be replaced or reset. To test the outlet, simply plug in a smaller appliance or device, such as a lamp. If it receives power, the problem is not with the outlet, fuses, or breakers. After you’ve determined with surety that it is not a power source issue, move on to step two.

If it is a power source issue, you’ll most likely need to replace the fuse that controls your freezer outlet. Usually, resetting the breaker for your freezer outlet will do the trick, but sometimes breakers can go bad and need to be replaced as well. A trained freezer technician can check all of these things for you.

Step 2: Check The Defrost Function

Every freezer relies on a small defrost heater. That’s because the freezer gets cold and frost can accumulate on the freezers condenser or evaporator coils. The defrost function melts away that accumulated frost and operates on a timer. You can try to self-determine whether or not this function is working properly, but it is best to leave this problem to a freezer repair service.

Step 3: Check The Compressor

You’ll find the compressor behind your freezer/fridge. It is always located on the bottom near the floor. When it is plugged in and getting power, does it make any sound? Usually, it will make a humming sound when in operation. If you hear sound but your freezer still does not get cold, then the compressor likely has faulty internal components and needs to be serviced by an appliance repair technician.

It is important to note that newer freezers use solid-state components, and in these cases, you may not hear sound at all even if the compressor is working correctly.

Step 4: Refrigerant Issues

In many cases, a freezer stops getting cold because of low levels of refrigerant. TheAppliance Repair only way to know if this is the case is to call a freezer repair company and ask for help. They’ll have all the tools to check your freezers refrigerant levels.

It is the hope that this guide will help you determine the problem with your freezer. Check online for a local appliance repair company in your town. They can help you get your freezer running properly.