Water Effects on Home Appliances: How to Protect Them

water effects

When your appliance technician tells you that most washer problems stemmed from water, take it seriously. Having a faulty appliance repaired is one thing; having the appliance prematurely replaced due to water effects is an entirely different matter. You should expect some appliance problems here and there. That’s normal. These units won’t run flawlessly forever. But their lifespan will be cut short by at least 2-3 years if the water is hard. Water has bad effects on appliance parts anyway let alone when it’s hard.

What’s the concern with hard water?

Why hard water is bad for your home appliances?

Simply put, hard water contains higher levels of magnesium and calcium than it should. These minerals create deposits when they run through the tubes of appliances, which consume water to run. Take your refrigerators, icemakers, dishwashers, and washing machines for example. They all need water to operate. And water all leaves back some deposits, which we know them as salt. When the water is hard, these deposits build up faster and in a larger scale causing tubes to clog and appliance parts to corrode.

Preventive appliance services can help the situation

If you have hard water in your area, regular appliances service will save the situation. Hard Hard Waterwater effects are apparent on your hair, the stains left on sinks, and regular need for appliance repairs. That’s because the flow of water is restricted as the deposits build up. To help your appliances run properly and thus not consume more energy either, you need to call in a tech to check them periodically. Don’t forget that appliances, which run with water (hard or soft), increase the possibility of mold infestation inside the unit too. That’s why you are often advised to leave the washer or dishwasher door open after a cycle. Moisture brings mold and this is not what you want. An appliance service technician can replace the worn and corroded parts or even offer more permanent solutions to your problem.

Softening water can provide a permanent solution

hard water1With soft water, home appliances run longer and more efficiently. You will need less soap and lower temperatures to wash clothes. And such things are good for your pocket. Don’t forget that hard water won’t only cause appliance damage but will also destroy pipes and the entire plumbing system. Hard water reduces the lifespan of equipment and thus ends up costing you more and making your life more difficult with frequent appliance repair service.

A simple solution is to use vinegar once in a while, but this is not a permanent solution. After all, there is so much vinegar you can use and only to certain units. But in order to protect your appliances, you need to know that the water runs through pipes free of mineral buildup. The combination of installing a softening system and servicing appliances regularly is the right and permanent solution, which will stop water from causing damage instead of making your life more uncomplicated.