Washing Machine Repair

Our washer repair experts can help you whether you have serious problems with your appliance or just need regular inspections. The services are provided by technicians with knowledge of all kinds of washers. We service all-in-one washer and dryers, compact laundry machines and regular ones. Knowledgeable of all brands and the latest appliances, the technicians of our Universal Appliance Repair can fix any issue, replace washer parts, install a new appliance and take care of urgent problems. We are home washer experts and here to help you regardless of the problem.

Our washer services cover your home repair needs

The Washing Machine Repair services offered by our team cover residential needs. Whether you have specific problems with your laundry room appliance, absolutely no clue why the washer cycle lasts for long, or need new washer installation, you can depend on us. The technicians of our business respect your property as much as your appliance and always take into account the specifications of the appliance before making any new installations. Trained to install, maintain and fix washers made by most manufacturers, our professionals can untie your hands at different times. We are here to help you during emergencies, replace components, install new ones, install a new laundry machine and repair washing machine problems.

We repair home washing machines

Common washer problems are related to the way the appliance works or latches. If it doesn’t latch or open, the cycle lasts for a shorter or longer time, the clothes are not washed properly, there is noise during the operation, there is water leaking under the appliance or the washer doesn’t start, contact our team. These are all indicators that there are significant problems with your appliance and rest assured that our washing machine technician will take care of them as soon as possible. We are all reliable in our team, offer fast response washer troubleshooting, fix any related problem, suggest honest solutions and complete most repairs in one visit. If you need washing machine repair service, let us know.