Tips for the Best Performance of Your Clothes Dryer

Appliance repair

Everyone would agree that a top load dryer is one of people’s best friends. This special laundry appliance saves us time. We don’t need to find space in the yard to hang clothes or bring them inside to dry increasing indoor humidity and thus the chance of mold growth. Dryers do the job but only when they work right. And they work right only when they are installed correctly and fixed when they malfunction. In any different case, you don’t only risk compromising your convenience but your safety too.

Tips for the best dryer installation

Dryer installation must be done correctly. If not, you might lose the warranty. And that might be the least of your problems. If the dryer is not properly installed, it won’t operate right and this might lead to accidents and energy loss. So here is what to make sure of during the appliance’s installation.

·  Always take into account the manufacturer’s instructions. After all, not all dryers are the same. Alternatively, hire an appliance repair company to help you with the installation.

·  The appliance must be well connected to the vents since air travels through these tubes.

·  You must also level the appliance to make sure the tumbler spins free of problems and the dryer operates right.

· Make sure the dryer is installed in a well-ventilated room.

·  Always allow some space at the back and front of the dryer to avoid blocking air flow.

· Make sure the outside vent is not blocked either for proper air circulation.

· Prefer metal vents and not plastic ones. Metal ductwork allows better airflow and so heat or humidity won’t build up in the drum causing the appliance to run for long, dry poorly, or get too hot.

Dryer maintenance tipsDryer

· Be aware of loud noises, increased humidity in the room, hot temperatures, damp clothes after the cycle and similar problems. Anything that may as well be a symptom of a problem must be reported to an appliance technician.

· Remove lint from the lint trap and clean filters after each use. If they are blocked, the dryer will get clogged. This won’t only diminish the dryer’s capacity but also increase the fire hazard.

· To ensure proper airflow and thus safe dryer performance, you should also check and clean the vents periodically.

· Check the vents outside too. Remove build up debris and tear bushes which obstruct airflow.

· Make sure any needed dryer repair is done before you use the appliance again.

Advantages of correct dryer maintenance and installation

What you gain when you maintain the dryer, remain vigilant for problems and fix them fast, and install the appliance correctly is peace of mind and money. Your dryer works at its maximum capacity, lasts longer, doesn’t waste energy, and won’t start a fire. When dryers work right, they dry clothes fast and won’t wear them. So you have plenty of reasons for having a dryer in the first place but also plenty of reasons for installing and servicing it right.