The Best Tips to Keep Washers & Dryers for Long

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We are always given clear instructions when we buy new washers & dryers in order to use the appliances right and don’t abuse them. But when the first enthusiasm fades away, we start overloading them and try to find cheap detergents to keep the family budget down. And then minor problems start popping but we hardly notice or bother thinking that some wear and tear is normal. Until one day the washing machine starts leaking and the dryer won’t work anymore. Does it really have to come to that?

There are few tips that will help you avoid frequent dryer and washing machine repair. As a matter of fact, if you care about your appliances, they will last a very long time and hardly give you any major troubles.

Small things to remember about your washer & dryer

Whether you have two separate appliances or a front load washer and dryer combo, it’s important to follow the instructions handed to you to the letter every time you use them. And the instructions tell you what to do before and after you use the appliances. It’s important to never overload them. When you do, the appliances work twice as hard and thus get damaged prematurely – not to mention that they won’t do a good job. It’s also vital to use quality products that won’t affect the condition of the appliance parts.

Got problems? Call a washer or dryer repair tech right away


If the door doesn’t latch the first time you shut it and the appliance is not overloaded, there might be a problem. When it comes to such problems, it’s best to fix them fast. Call a dryer or washing machine technician right away. Don’t wait till the problem gets bigger. After all, if there is a problem either with the door or other parts, the appliance won’t perform right. Washers might leak. Dryers can risk your safety.

Useful tips to keep your dryer and washing machine running for long

• Always remove the washed clothes fast and leave the door of your appliances open till they are completely dried. Humidity can cause mold growth. For the avoidance of mold, remove the soap dispenser tray. Rinse it and let dry.

• If one of the two appliances is making a noise, make sure they are level.

• If there is a top load dryer lint trap, remove lint after the end of each cycle.

• Check the vents of the dryer every month or so. The duct connecting the dryer to washing machine repairthe outside vent might be trapped with lint too. The outside unit must be blocked. They must be both checked and cleaned.

• Check the hoses and filters of the washer every few months. The hoses might become damaged or kinked. The filter might be clogged with debris.

Taking care of the laundry appliances is important not just to their longevity but also your safety. Clogged dryer vents cause thousands of fires every year. Reduce such hazards by checking and cleaning them but also by installing metal instead of vinyl ducts. With regular maintenance and proper care every time you use the appliances, they will both serve you for years and well. And don’t forget that problems must be fixed at once by a certified appliance technician.

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