The Best Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

refrigerators Maintenance

Let us call a spade a spade, fridge problems are bad news! Let us kindly remind you that these lovely kitchen appliances already consume too much energy. Problematic ones will consume even more. Bad news for your pocket! And then it’s the fridge’s parts. There will come a day when they will either break or even wear and then the refrigerator won’t cool right. Bad news for your food (pocket too). On top of that, you might also expect some leaks here and there – a simple indication that fridge repairs are needed now.

But there is also good news… long before refrigerator repair

That’s maintenance. You hear about preventive maintenance over and over again and might be fed up with it. But the truth is that some visual inspections, cleaning, and even minor refrigerator repair work can do their magic!

Why fridge service is essential?

• Enables you to control the energy bills

• Keeps the fridge running

• Prevents premature food spoilage

• Prevents leakage

• Eliminates foul odors

• Expands the appliance’s lifespan

One important note: since most refrigeration appliances are fridge freezer units all-in-one, it goes without saying that there is a need for both fridge & freezer service.

With that said, let us move on to the main fridge maintenance tips

1. Clean the condenser coilsAppliance Repair

The coils are usually located at the back of the appliance. And their job is to remove
heat and enable good refrigeration. What happens is that they get dirty. Debris keeps fridges from working right and so in their effort to keep the right temperatures, they consume more energy. You can use the vacuum and a brush to remove dust and dirt.

2. Check the door rubber seal

It’s critical to check the seal of the doors. The seals make sure fridges and freezers shut well and so food is preserved at the right temperatures and in turn no energy is wasted. They need a good cleaning. But if they are torn or somehow damaged and keep the appliance from closing well, you should replace them.

3. Clean the interior of the appliance

Who can keep perfectly clean fridge shelves, drawers, and walls? There would be some spills or food residue! Use a damp cloth to remove dirt. If there are bad odors, place a cup filled with vinegar or baking soda in the fridge. Either one will absorb any foul odor. It’s good to keep the interior clean for health purposes.

4. Check the water filters

The best way to avoid clogs and leaks is to check the condition of the water filters. Find their location by checking your manual. It’s often suggested to replace the refrigerator water filters every six months. You can always call a fridge technician for that.

5. Level the appliance

That’s simply making sure the feet of the fridge are adjusted. If not, the fridge will not close well causing condensation inside and wasting energy.

A few more quick refrigerator maintenance tips

• Always unplug the appliance before you clean or check it.Appliance Repair

• Make sure the temperatures inside the fridge are right.

• Any problem with the thermostat or another fridge part for that matter must be fixed quickly.

• Keep food stored in the fridge well stored to avoid condensation and keep the appliance relatively clean.

• Keep the fridge full. To maintain the right temperatures, these appliances need a lot of items.