Refrigerator Problems and Solutions


Fridges are designed to cool food. Not to over cool. Freezers are supposed to keep stored items for prolonged periods of time. Not build an igloo. But they do. One day you open the fridge and find peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers stored in the fresh food compartment swimming in water. Another scenario would involve walking in the kitchen to face chaos. The floor is flooded and the fridge keeps dripping water.

Appliance Repair SummitLeaking fridges! Ah! Isn’t that one of our worst nightmares? It’s one of the most common problems and definitely requires immediate fridge repairs. Needless to explain why. Not only such problems indicate fridge malfunctions but also cause floor damage. And fridge malfunctions underline the fact that the appliance is not able to cool well your food. And this in turn is a problem on its own since it will compromise your health.

So one single fridge problem brings along ten more whether they are related to the appliance or not. The general idea is to have a fridge to preserve fresh and cooked food, yogurt, milk and other items not to increase expenses and hassle.

What are the main fridge problems?

· Fridge leaks

Problem: leaks inside the fridge often begin when there is damage with the drain tube. If you find water on the floor, it is often due to the filthy drain pan.

Solution: when it comes to clogged tubes and pans, you need to wash them well. But if they are damaged, they must be replaced.

Alternative problems & solutions:

1. But the fridge might also leak when it is not leveled. That’s an easy fix since you need to adjust its legs.

2. A damaged or wrongly fitted water filter will also cause leaks. In either case, you must call a fridge technician to replace or fix it.

· Fridge not cooling well


1. There is a problem with the defroster. When its drain hole is clogged, it will keep   the refrigerant from flowing and thus temperatures will increase.

2. The door seal is damaged. It might be broken or just cracked at some points. In either case, it will allow energy to escape and so the temperatures inside the appliance will increase. A worn gasket will also bring more problems: energy bills will go up and the coolant will wear faster.

Solution: In either case, you must replace the broken parts. If there is only a clogged part, it can be cleaned. But it’s best to have a refrigerator technician checking the problem in case a part is broken.

· Too chilly inside the refrigerator

Problems & solutions:

1. The diffuser is probably broken. And in this case it will not control the amount of cold air entering the fridge and must be replaced.

2. The thermostat is damaged. In this case, it won’t be able to monitor inner temperatures. Replace it if it’s not adjusted.

3. Defective control board. This is actually a sensor found in modern fridges which controls the unit’s functions. If this causes the problem, you should change it.

These are not the only possible fridge problems, but they are the most common ones. Since each symptom can be explained in different ways, have an expert over to do the refrigerator repair work to be sure the appliance is fixed. Or you might be faced with the same problem once more!