Passaic is widely referred to as “The Birthplace of Television.” The first television signal was sent to a home here in 1931. When this area was settled back in 1679, the need for appliance repair was still centuries away. However, today the city sports a population of over 70,000 and the residential community is constantly in need of an appliance service they can trust. Universal Appliance Repair is the number one choice for appliance repair in Passaic, NJ because of the way we conduct business.

Setting PrioritiesAppliance Repair Passaic

To be a successful service provider in your local community it is imperative to set priorities. From the first day we opened our doors our top priority has been each and every customer we serve. Right out of the gate we championed home appliance repair in Passaic, NJ and before long we were leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The majority of our service calls are repair requests so this service receives a huge share of our focus. At Universal Appliance Repair we respond fast to administer superb service at the lowest rates.

The Technician

The secret to our success is the competency of our staff and crew. Each and every appliance service technician on our team must be certified prior to administering service for our customers. These experts are the front line representatives of our business. We rely on their ability to communicate with our customers in a friendly, honest and efficient manner. Our confidence in our repairmen is unwavering. We know they share the same passion for customer service that has made our company so popular for so long.

Give Universal Appliance Repair a call today for fast and effective repair, preventative maintenance service or appliance installation options. Our expert tech will provide the service needed and the rates will not ruin the budget.