Is Your Oven Baking Right? Quick Tips to Find Out


When you start hearing complaints from your family about food not baked well, blame the oven! This special appliance will serve you for years but with no regular oven service, it will come a day that it won’t bake evenly or heat up well. Nothing strange about such problems! Meals might lose their taste and get tainted just because of the built-up grease inside the appliance. That’s natural too! The more you use the appliance, the faster you will encounter issues.

Does that mean it’s time to toss the oven? No, unless you feel like it! Grease residue is cleaned. And problems with the appliance’s components are fixed. But if you are in a dilemma of whether or not it’s worth fixing the appliance, check out the oven’s problem and ask the oven repair man for an estimate. Here is how to know if the appliance is working right.

Check if the oven is baking evenly

This is one of the most common oven problems. You bake a cake and when you remove it from the oven, half of it is burned and half is uncooked. It ends up in the trash! In spite of the loss, this is the best way to ensure whether or not the oven is baking evenly. In our example above, the problem was most likely with the hot spots. A similar problem would be when the cake gets brownish on the top but not cooked inside. This is often an issue with the temperature sensors.

Is your oven heating up or not? The temperature issue

oven-repairYou adjust the oven’s temperature, put inside the appliance your meal, and set the timer. But when it goes off, your meal is not cooked yet. It happens often! And the problem has to do with the temperature and thus heating elements. The truth is that there are variations in the way different oven models heat up. Temperatures vary. But when you set the oven to bake at 350 degrees, you expect it to bake at 350 degrees.


One way you can check if the problem has to do with the temperature is to check its accuracy. For that you will need an oven thermometer, which you can place in a preheated oven, wait for a while and then check whether it has reached the expected temperatures.

The best oven repair solutions

Such oven problems are not easily solved by you. You will need the assistance of a Oven_cleaningprofessional oven or range repair tech. And that’s because the solution to most problems is to replace parts. And you don’t want to do that alone, especially if you have a gas oven.

In the meantime, what you can do is put the oven racks a bit higher or lower depending on the problem. In case of uneven baking, you can move the pan around so that all parts will be cooked. Of course, these are temporary solutions. If you don’t fix the oven fast, the problem will just get worse and you will end up losing money by tossing away food and consuming more energy.