How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Fridge


Needless to say how important refrigerators are! They don’t simply provide convenience, but also seal our health. Food stored at the wrong temperatures will get spoiled. That’s why the temperature inside the fridge is of the essence. When it’s high or the fridge is overloaded, food will attract bacteria and your health will start deteriorating. Fridge services on a regular basis are very important and you surely want to enjoy your kitchen appliance for a long time. It’s not only a hassle to get a new one but it’s also a great expense. There are always ways to keep your fridge in good condition, prevent problems and forget health issues. You just need to devote a few minutes every now and then to take care of the appliance.

Little secrets of ways to keep your fridge in good shape

The last thing you want is to store food and see it get spoiled in a day or two. Refrigerators are bought for food storage, and good refrigeration is achieved by keeping the right temperatures inside the appliance. When you overload your top mount fridge, the appliance makes double efforts to keep everything cool. In such cases and also during the summer, lower further the temperature. Don’t keep the fridge empty either. It might sound strange, but the appliance will still work twice as hard to keep the right temperatures. So, if you don’t have any food to store or live alone, just place a few more beers or pots with water in the fridge.

For the temperatures to stay cool, the fridge must close well. Many problems start when the door gasket is worn. You might think that if the seal is partially worn, there is nothing to worry about. Well, here is where you are mistaken. A tiny gap will compromise the right temperatures in the refrigerator and, thus, the good refrigeration of your food. You must replace the gasket if it’s worn. Damaged seals will also increase your energy bills and you will be paying without enjoying a functional appliance. If you want to protect your health but also your fridge, you must also change the refrigerator water filters every few months. The frequency will depend on how much water you drink and the appliance’s water dispenser, but it’s good to replace it every three months or the water will taste terribly.

The last but not least thing you can do in order to take care of your fridge is to keep it clean. For your health, you should clean it well inside too, but it’s imperative to clean the coils and the condenser, which are often at the back side. With the fridge and its parts clean and properly maintained, the temperatures will be right and the fridge won’t make extra efforts to work right. So, it will last longer and you will be saving energy and money, too.