How to Prolong the Lifespan of Home Appliances

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In order to know how to prolong the lifespan of your home appliances, it’s important to know which factors affect their condition. Only then you can take some preventive measures to minimize wear and expand their lifespan. It’s worth mentioning that manufacturers provide an average estimate of each appliance’s life expectancy. But how accurate are these predictions? And should you keep an appliance long after its life expectancy? Let us examine these matters one by one.

What affects the lifespan of home appliances?

When manufacturers provide information about the expected
lifespan of their products, they cannot estimate with accuracy personal and local factors that might take their toll on your appliances. The condition of the appliances is subject to:

· The frequency of appliances servicecircle-img1

· How often you move

· Whether or not problems are fixed fast and right

· Whether or not parts are replaced fast and accurately

· How often you use your appliances

· The level of humidity in your house

· Whether you take care of your appliances

· Whether or not you have hard or soft water in your area

How to keep your appliances functional

With proper home appliance service, you stand a good chance of keeping thecircle-img4 appliances much longer. And there are two ways of servicing your appliances. It’s a common secret that when appliances break down, they must be fixed. But it’s also vital to service them routinely. What will make a difference to their condition is:

· Whether you call an appliance technician right away or just keep postponing to schedule an appointment. What will make matters worse is if you carry on using the appliance when problems have already occurred.

· The experience of the tech to find the problem and fix the appliance. That’s why you should only trust a certified company.

· The quality of the appliance repair parts. Naturally, parts must be replaced at some point. But you shouldn’t just install any brand and spare. You must be sure the new parts are ideal for your brand and model, of good quality, and properly installed.

· The frequency of routine appliance services. The more you maintain them, the longer they last. Maintenance is even more important with gas appliances and at homes with hard-water.

Do modern appliances last longer?

None can doubt the efficiency of modern appliances. They are smart enough to savecircle-img2 you money by using the right amounts of water and energy, but there is a small problem with them. High tech machines are more sensitive than the traditional ones. And so they will only last max 15 years whereas our grandma kept hers for a lifetime. In an effort to keep prices relatively affordable, manufacturers use cheaper materials to construct parts. So forget about porcelain and sturdy machines. Most of them are made of plastic.

So what you should do when your old appliances have already fulfilled their purpose? Well, as long as your old appliances still work, you can keep them. But when home appliance repair becomes a monthly task, it will be time to replace them.

To ensure your appliances last long, maintain them. When it comes to new appliances, keep the manual to make sure you will know what to do when the electronic displays become an issue. Never forget how important appliance repair services are and never stop taking into account every little detail related to your appliances.