How Much Do You Love Your Fridge?


There is no doubt about it! We all love our refrigerators or so we say! The point is that we can’t live without them not out of caprice but out of need! Though, if we would to be asked how we show our love, we’ll run out of answers. The naked truth is that we do take our fridge for granted. We do pay attention when we buy a new one but then again only because there are choices on the market and colorful options among side to side fridges. Once they are placed at home we simply forget that appliance repair service will do wonders for our fridge!

Can we live without fridges?

This is not the Stone Age. We certainly cannot live without refrigerators. How could we keep our child’s milk? How would we enjoy a nice cold juice or ice cream? Food and drinks must be refrigerated for a reason. Refrigerators are a must or you’ll be poisoned by our own food or you’ll have to get fresh vegetables and fruit every single day. Do you know how many people need fridges to keep medicine safe? Have you seen hospitals without refrigerators? They are certainly more important than we could ever imagine and that’s why Universal Appliance Repair recommends frequent maintenance.

How to take care of refrigerators

If you treasure your health, want to save on energy and wish to keep your refrigerator for years, don’t forget the importance of appliance repair. In fact, it’s always best to repair problems right away because you will run the risk of losing the advantage of having a good refrigerator once problems expand. In the meantime, it won’t hurt keeping the appliance in good condition.

· When did you clean it last? Don’t forget that you keep food inside the fridge. So, make sure the drawers, walls and shelves are purely clean.

· The appliance will work better when the condenser coils are clean. They remove the heat of the appliance and help it work better. When the refrigerator works efficiently, the energy bills will go down as well. So, use your vacuum or specially made brushes to clean well the coils.

Clean and occasionally replace the gasket around the doors. It is supposed to seal well the refrigerator door so that no heat will enter into the appliance. In the opposite case, the appliance will try twice as hard to remove the heat and will consume more energy.