Home Appliance Troubleshooting Tips



Everyone experiences appliance damage in a different way. One might feel desperate in the sight of a not latching dishwasher and another might remain calm in the sight of washer leaking. But regardless of how we react, problems are still problems. They come to steal the easy way we do chores in the house and bring us headaches.

The secret of proper home appliance repair is thorough troubleshooting. Understanding what’s wrong with the fridge, washer, or oven before attempting fixing it is vital. And there is another good thing resulting from good diagnosis: you know how serious the problem is and whether or not to stay calm.

So let us sum up your questions when appliances leak, stop working or fail to do their job properly.

1.  How do I diagnose an appliance problem?

2.  Does it require professional appliance service?

In order to diagnose a problem, you must be aware of the probable reasons for one appliance behaving in a certain way. What complicates things is that there is not always one explanation for a particular problem. And that brings us to the conclusion that most problems require the expertise of a professional appliance service technician.

Let us explain why.

Fridge not cooling well?

Probable reasons:

a.       The coils are dusty

b.       Parts are broken

c.       The door gasket is worn

d.       There is a problem with the thermostat

What you could do alone is clean the coils once you unplug the refrigerator. But any other task is difficult and should be trusted to a certified appliance technician.

The oven won’t heat up right?

Probable reasons:

a.       The door seal is broken

b.       The heating elements are burned out

c.       The gas oven igniter is damaged

d.       The electric oven bake element is ruined

You shouldn’t do anything alone. Taking chances with gas oven repair tasks is not smart. A simple mistake might result to gas leaks. But electric ovens cannot be unplugged easily. And it’s not wise to interfere with appliances utilizing high electric power.

Is the dishwasher overflowing?

Probable reasons:

a.       You have used too much soap

b.       The door doesn’t latch well

c.       The door gasket is broken

d.       There is a broken part

The only thing you can do is pay attention when you load the appliance: make sure it is well latched and don’t overdo it with the soap. But if the gasket or any other part is damaged, it should be replaced by a qualified dishwasher technician.

The dryer cycle takes too long?

Probable reasons:

a.       The dryer might be clogged with lint

b.       The external vent might be clogged or blocked

c.       The heating elements are damaged

d.       The fan is broken

No dryer repair work is easy or safe. So just for safety reasons, it would be best to trust a pro and don’t use it till it’s fixed.

Two good reasons for trusting an appliance repair company

1.  Even if you detect the problem, you won’t be sure what caused it since there are several explanations to each symptom.

2.  Most problems require the replacement of parts. And the new ones must be installed with accuracy. Failure to do so or even purchase the right ones will lead to problems.

So stay safe and enjoy your appliances by just using them. When it comes to home appliance services, leave it to the experts.