Diagnosing Your Dryer Problems


If you need help diagnosing your dryer problems, this guide will prove to be very valuable to you. There are many problems that can occur to any dryer. Most problems are caused by simple wear and tear from prolonged use. There are other problems, however, that can occur due to other factors. Sure, you could hang your clothes out to dry. It’ll take longer even on very bright and sunny days. What if it’s raining? Clothes certainly won’t dry out in the rain. Before you call a pro for dryer repair, check these areas.

Problem 1: No Heat From Dryerwasher-repair

This could be a few things. First, it depends on what type of dryer you have. Gas dryers rely on a gas line to heat up, so with those dryers, you’ll want to ensure that the gas line is working and that it is opened up enough to allow the gas to flow through. If you call a dryer service, they will want to know what type you have.

If you don’t have a gas dryer, it’s definitely an electric dryer. If the house you live in is quite old, it may still use a fuse box. If that’s the case, check the fuses that your dryer uses first. Since electric dryers rely on electrical energy to heat up, they need a working current. In some cases, with fuses, the dryer may turn on and rotate, but won’t heat up. This could be due to one of two fuses being faulty and needing to be replaced. If you have a circuit breaker box instead, try resetting the circuits that control the dryer. You may also need a dryer heating element.

Problem 2: Bad Thermal Fuse

If the above methods do not fix the heat issue, the other cause is probably a bad thermal fuse. I suggest hiring a professional dryer repair technician to take care of this problem. Thermal fuses in a dryer can blow on account of power surges or other problems, such as old age.

 Problem 3: Dryer Works For a While Then Stops

If you turn on your dryer and it runs for a short period of time and then stops suddenly, it could be due to a faulty thermostat. It could also be due to a faulty thermal resistor or thermal fuse. Faulty, in this case, basically means that it isn’t 100% broken yet, but will be soon. This explains why it will work for a short period of time before abruptly stopping. You will definitely want to hire a professional appliance repair company for any of these problems.

¬†Problem 4: My Dryer Won’t Start!

This is more of a common problem, as it can happen due to a number of reasons. The first thing would be of course to reset the circuit breakers or replace the fuses if they are blown. Your dryer also has an internal fuse. If it gets fried, the dryer will fail to start. Depending on the type of dryer you own, it may have a knob that can be pushed in to start it. You can try removing the knob and cleaning it thoroughly so that it engages properly. Find a local dryer repair service for further help with your dryer!