Common Home Appliance Problems and Solutions

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It’s not always easy to tell whether an appliance problem can be easily fixed or not. Chances are you will need the assistance of a professional appliance technician. But before you do that, check if this is an easy fix that you can do it yourself in no time. Just remember that home appliances are not always safe, especially if they malfunction. Always unplug them and make sure your hands are dry.

Common problems and easy appliance repairs

  • The refrigerator is not working right

One of the first things to check is the temperature of the refrigerators. At some point, the thermostat might get damaged and will need replacement. A common reason why the fridge won’t work right is built-up dust at the back. This happens when the fridgerefrigerators Maintenance condenser coils are hardly cleaned and especially if there are pets in the house. Remember to unplug the appliance before you use the vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove debris.

  • The freezer is not freezing as it should

One reason why freezers won’t have the right temperatures is door gasket problems. If the door of the appliance doesn’t close air tight, energy will be lost. So check the door seal. If it’s worn, replace it. Sometimes, the door won’t close well when one of the freezer drawers is protruding or there is too much stored food that will keep the door from shutting right. The door will remain slightly open if the appliance is not level. In this case, you need to adjust the legs of the appliance.

  • The dishwasher is not washing properly

Check if the soap dispenser opens as it should. While you are there dishwasher troubleshooting, also check the hoses. If they are kinked, not enough water will come in and so your dishes won’t be washed as they should. But then again the flow of the water is controlled by the float switch. This is a small component, which rises as the level of water increases. It reaches the highest point when the tank is full and this shuts the water valve. If knives, spoons and other kitchen utensils jam the float switch, your dishwasher will think there is enough water to wash when water level will still be low. And so it won’t wash well. So be careful when you load the appliance.

  • The dryer is making a noise

Dryer repairWhen washers & dryers are level, they shouldn’t shake and thus won’t make a noise So one of the first things to check is the appliance’s legs. Adjust them if the appliance shakes. First, make sure the ground is even. Also, avoid overloading the appliance. If you only hear a rather clicking sound, there might be a small item (like a button) trapped inside your top load dryer. You might need to clean the vent to fix this problem.

If these are not the solutions to these problems, call an appliance service technician. If the problems are more complicated, remember that a repairman will know exactly what to do. Don’t take risks. Only do some easy fixes with similar appliance problems and leave anything else to the experts.