Are Washer Problems Solved by You?


What makes a washer work? It needs to be plugged in for starters! The water supply valve must be turned on! Do you know how many people in New Jersey unplug their appliance and turn off the water supply for protection? The problem is that they often forget to turn them on and keep wondering why their washer doesn’t work! Sometimes, the problems are as easy as that and in such cases, you won’t need the assistance of Universal Appliance Repair. How often is this the case? Are washer problems easy in the sense that they have easy solutions or do they all need the expertise of our specialists?

Some washer issue solutions are easy and some are not

Let’s see which problems have easy solutions. Let’s assume that you haveAppliance Repair remembered to plug in the washer but it still doesn’t work. Take a step further and check the central electric system of the house; a fuse might have blown. Some houses have two water supply valves. Even if you just want to use cold water for your washing cycle, you need to have both of them turned on for the appliance to work. If there is not sufficient water supply, check that there is running water in the house. If the water valves are turned on all the way but still the washing machine doesn’t fill with water, the hose might be clogged. In this case, you will need to repair the washing machine by unplugging the appliance, removing the hose, checking whether the filter is clogged and cleaning it. In fact, clogged hoses will be a problem. The clothes will come out wet because water won’t have a way out.

Though, some problems cannot be explained. Some other problems are related to the brain of the appliance. In such cases, you will need our professional washing machine repair service. If the noises are intense, the appliance is leaking without a good explanation, the door doesn’t latch or open, these are serious problems. They get more serious when they are related with the electronic system of the appliance. In these cases, you cannot interfere because you might make matters worse and risk of injuring yourself and destroying your appliance. The truth is that appliances, which use both electric power and water supply, need professional appliance repair. This way, you can have peace of mind that the issues will be fixed properly and the appliance will work with safety and efficiency.