About Us

We are a team of professional appliance service technicians, who can help you in a timely manner. Our staff is friendly, ready to answer questions and eager to assist you. Whenever you need help, turn to our Universal Appliance Repair company. Our ready to go experts can help you within a reasonable time and cover your home appliance repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement and installation needs. The goal of our company is to help customers with all their needs and for this reason everyone in our personnel is highly trained, updated with the latest appliances, familiar with most brands, well-equipped and absolutely reliable. We are the team you can trust for all your appliance repair needs.

We are here to repair home appliances

The qualities of our appliance technicians exceed everyone’s expectations. Apart from being up to date with the latest appliances and trained to service them efficiently, our technicians are also highly respectful of your property and your needs. We are aware that your schedule is busy but still want to see your dishwasher fixed as soon as possible and so we try to help you at your most convenient time. We also know how valuable your home appliances are for you and so we service them in a timely manner but also by utilizing our expert knowledge. We treat our clients as if they were our own family, have high values, are friendly and have one mission, which is to offer quality appliance service.

You can trust our team for all home appliance services

With appliance repair services performed by caring technicians, you can have peace of mind that your requests will be met. You can also be certain that the job will be done properly. Every professional at our company repairs, troubleshoots, maintains and installs home appliances by any brand. Our services cover your needs fully! We also service small appliances, gas ovens, and washer & dryers all-in-one. Our experts troubleshoot problems as soon as possible, fix and replace parts, repair every home appliance and install new ones. You and we have the same vision, which is to keep your home appliances working for years and without problems. With us, you are just sure that even if there are unexpected issues, they will be taken care of at the earliest possible.