3 Ways to Keep Your Washing Machine in Tip Top Condition


No matter how often you use the washer, the appliance must wash well. Clothing must smell good! If not, there is a problem. And that’s when you will need a washing machine service tech to take a look. But problems are not always related to the appliance. They are often caused by hard-water. Why, you ask?

What is hard water and why does it affect washers?

Hard water contains high levels of dissolved minerals (magnesium, calcium etc.) What it does is reduce the cleaning power of the detergent and leave behind deposits. As a consequence, washer parts wear faster. Your clothes are not soft or washed well. Instead of cleaning clothes, detergents focus on softening water. So, you end up using more detergent and thus spending more money. One solution to this problem is to buy a water softener. A second solution is to maintain the washer frequently.

3 more ways to keep the appliance…washing well

· Clean it – this might sound a tad funny considering that washers are appliances, which clean clothes. But there is nothing funny about keeping them clean. Did you ever have a feeling that the washing machine doesn’t smell good? This is often mildew odor! Why mildew builds-up? Think of how much humidity there is in the washer! If you shut the door after the cycle, mildew will grow even faster.

How to clean it: mix some water with baking soda and add it to the appliance’s detergent slot. Add some white vinegar in the washer’s drum and run the appliance empty loaded. The blend of baking soda/white vinegar solution will clean the appliance’s tubes, hard-water deposits, and mildew.

· Maintain, maintain, maintain – you know, a washer repair tech is not usefulwashing machine repair only when the appliance breaks down. By servicing the washing machine regularly, you spare yourself the trouble of trying to clean tubes or dealing with sudden problems. In the meantime, if you feel that the washer is shaking more than it usually does, level it by adjusting its legs. Excessive vibration might lead to more problems and even more expensive washing machine repairs. Don’t forget that the appliance must stand on an even floor and leveled right or it will also leak. And that’s not what you want.

· Repair the washing machine – there will come a time when you will need a tech to fix problems. Don’t postpone it for tomorrow. If you level the appliance, but it’s still noisy and vibrates a lot during its spin cycle, get in touch with your local washing machine technician. Sometimes, all it takes to fix the appliance is to replace one of its parts. And it’s better to replace one component today than five components next month. The more you use a problematic appliance without fixing it, the more issues you will have to solve and in turn the higher the cost of the repairs will be. If this is a comb unit, you will have one more reason for frequent washer and dryer repair. Clogged tubes make dryers dangerous.