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Diagnosing Your Dryer Problems


If you need help diagnosing your dryer problems, this guide will prove to be very valuable to you. There are many problems that can occur to any dryer. Most problems are caused by simple wear and tear from prolonged use. There are other problems, however, that can occur due to other factors. Sure, you could hang your clothes out to dry. It’ll take longer even on very bright and sunny days. What if it’s raining? Clothes certainly won’t dry out in the rain. Before you call a pro for dryer repair, check these areas.


Troubleshooting a Flooded Washing Machine

washing machine repair

Have you been dealing with a flooded washing machine issue? It can be extremely frustrating, and moreover damaging to your home. Water damage may not seem like it, especially at first, but it can be very damaging. There are a few ways to determine the cause of a flooded washing machine. Read on to find out the best methods for troubleshooting a flooded washing machine.


Why Is My Freezer Not Getting Cold?


Virtually everyone uses freezers. We rely on them to keep our favorite foods and even drinks frozen and well-preserved. We also rely on freezers to make ice. It is understandable to get frustrated when freezers act up. Many people ask, “Why is my freezer not getting cold?”