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Refrigerator Problems and Solutions


Fridges are designed to cool food. Not to over cool. Freezers are supposed to keep stored items for prolonged periods of time. Not build an igloo. But they do. One day you open the fridge and find peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers stored in the fresh food compartment swimming in water. Another scenario would involve walking in the kitchen to face chaos. The floor is flooded and the fridge keeps dripping water. READ MORE

What Can Go Wrong with Washing Machines?

Fixing a washing machine

Does your washer rock? That’s an easy fix. You just have to adjust its legs till it’s leveled. This won’t only spare you the headache of the noisy washing machine rock dance, but will also keep its cabinet from getting damaged. And it won’t damage your floor. Why this problem occurs? Because the legs loosen up while the washer spins in Ferrari-style speeds. READ MORE