Monthly Archives: November 2016

How Long Appliances Last

Did the refrigerator break down again? How long it was supposed to last? Should we get a new one or fix this one? These are ordinary, everyday questions. Though, if you think that two and two makes four, when it comes to appliances this is not always the case. It’s not always easy to estimate whether it is preferable to replace the current home appliances or repair them. And sometimes it’s not easy to estimate how long they will last either. READ MORE

Are Washer Problems Solved by You?


What makes a washer work? It needs to be plugged in for starters! The water supply valve must be turned on! Do you know how many people in New Jersey unplug their appliance and turn off the water supply for protection? The problem is that they often forget to turn them on and keep wondering why their washer doesn’t work! Sometimes, the problems are as easy as that and in such cases, you won’t need the assistance of Universal Appliance Repair. How often is this the case? Are washer problems easy in the sense that they have easy solutions or do they all need the expertise of our specialists? READ MORE