How to Keep Home Appliances in Good Condition


Needless to point out the importance of frequent home appliance maintenance. Obviously, nobody likes to deal with problems. Let us just kindly remind you of the effects problematic appliances have on your life:

• Increased energy costs

• Sudden expenses from emergency appliance repairs

• Trouble with cooking, washing, drying, and baking

• Leaks which might flood the floor and increase further expenses with water damage restoration

So, it’s all about extra expenses and hassle. Now, with appliances service you got the exact opposite situation. You maximize appliance performance and minimize expenses. It’s a win-win!

How to achieve that?

With regular home appliance service tasks

Just like with any house chore, you don’t have to bother with your appliances daily – well, just a little bit and only with a few of them. In fact, some tasks should be performed weekly and some twice or once a year. So, let’s see how you can keep home appliances in great shape.

Weekly appliance service tasks

• Clean the oven to remove grease. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be tooven-cleaning remove.

• Check the dishwasher filter for food particles or broken glass and make sure it is clean and free of mold.

• Wash the door gasket of the fridge, freezer, washer, dishwasher, and dryer to keep bacteria from growing.

Annual or semi-annual tasks (it depends on usage and appliance condition)

• Run the washer empty with a washing machine cleaner.

• Check the dryer vents and remove accumulated lint both from the interior and external entry points.

• Maintain fridges & freezers by cleaning their coils. You should also clean the fridge’s interior.

• If one of the appliances is not performing at its best, call an appliance technician to maintain it.

What to do daily or after every use

• Remove lint from the dryer’s lint trapwashing machine repair

• Keep washers and dishwashers open to dry out

• Remove, rinse, and let dry the washer’s dispenser drawer

• Wipe any spills around the stove burners

• Clean the microwave

What you achieve with such tasks

Not only do you keep appliances running and energy efficient, but avoid another great enemy: mold. When it comes to appliances with moisture environments, like dishwashers, washers and even dryers, mold might grow if condensation is built-up. That’s why you must keep the door open. But condensation can be a fridge problem too. That happens when the door doesn’t shut well for any reason. This usually happens when the door seal or hinges are damaged or the appliance is not leveled. In the case of fridges and freezers, you risk the quick expansion of bacteria and thus the early spoilage of food and in turn your health.

So, it’s not just protecting appliances but everything about them. With proper care and quick home appliance repair should problems pop, you actually avoid problems with the units but also problems with your health. And you keep energy consumption at normal levels too. So, it’s worth devoting some time to check, fix, and maintain your appliances on a regular basis.